Sunday, 22 March 2015

Whaka whanaungatanga term 1 value

Me and my buddy made a pic collage together to lern more about each other.
 My goals are try new food and be respectful to athers. 

I think trying new food it's fun and great. I think Being respectful to others  was fun and it helped me get new friends.
And the class that was there they greeted as and then they and as went inside but after that they went. 
I like going to the Marae because it was like going with a big big  family. I like it because it was fun and I made new friends and I did get to know more about my buddy. With my buddy and me and we were in groups. With the thechers we did with, Enoy we did a sever hunt and we did with keirr we did the steing game and with Stephen we did kiorahih. With joy we did weaving I helped my buddy with the flower and then the little buddy's went back to school and they got ready to go home. And then we shed are storie telling and the we had some food and then we got to play and then we had dinner and then the, girls got chaed into there pyjamas and the boys had  some hot chocolate and then they went for a run and then they got changed into ther pyiamas and then the girls had hot chocolate and then we got,ready for bed and then we went to sleep.  And then in the morning at seven a clock the boys had breakfast and the girls got dressed and then we had breakfast and the boys got dressed, and the we went on the gorge walk. Then we went back to school.

This is the truth  that we can do dishes. I was using whakawhabnaungatanga wheni made a new friend..

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Writing sample term 1

I am writing writing about what I think it is like to be a trapeze artist. 

I know this is a good imaginative writng because I have Included feelings in it and skills and actions in it. And I have way to do things in it. I am going to work on create a detailed plan to organise my ides and information. 


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Reading sample term 1

I have been learning to make posters showing that I can explain and share what I have read about. This poster is good because it has clear information.

I am using this poto because this is one of my posters and it can help me with this.

I think I am good at making posters because I can explain and share what I read about.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Managing self sample

I am taking responsibility for were I sit.
I think this is a good spot for me because I like sharing ideas because it is fun and it is really good and it helps me with learing. But if they talk to much it will get distracted and I wont be able to work and I will want a nather dike because it will get me arge too. But if they do it again it can help me with more ides and it is the best some times and I and if that  that again and it will help me with  witing and it dase sometimes and it really really dase help me so much and I think it will do that again and it will really help me so so much. But sometimes I can work  by myself and with ather people and if I am waking by myself I will get a lot of working done and sometimes with ather people at school. Can help me too and sometimes my friends and with my some people at school that I do not know.

Because it is not that easy for me to find a small spase for me and you.