Wednesday, 29 July 2015

diay writing sample

Week 2 30/7/15                                                we did some bird art in moari landgwig

we are lerning to keep a diary

20/8/15.   My Costume is all about bubbles.  I feel like I am going to be a real bubble. It's like I am floating in the air. But I would feel bad if someone popped me. 


I know that it won't go my way but I can make changes when I'm on my way.
I now that my planing is going really well. But i will know what I will do. This is what I will need 
Bubble rape, and the bubbley staff /leggings and a short/ long sleeved shirt.


Dear: diary I know that it is going to be hard work, to make my costume. 
Red hat. If someone poped me I would feel like a million shivering stars flyig in the air.
Green hat. I would of changed the DVDs because it was really hard to brack the DVDs.
Yellow hat. I know that hot glow gunning the DVDs and glowing the twining star on to the clothes.
 White hat. I know that it won't my way. But it will be as good as I can get it.
Black hat. I know that it is bad and good ether way but it is okay.



I have broken DVDs because bullbbes have a little bit of rianbow.  i have some spakles that are silver because bullbbles have spailkly silver 


 I know that I need to do a beater job of doing reading. Because I try not to get distracted. But it does not go the way I wanted it to go. I know that I need to get beater at reading because I get distracted and I run out of time. 


I did a Te tinana with my buddy and room 6. I know that I did do a good job.But I know that I can do beater then this. Because my buddy was getting distracted. 


Theses are desamomes. You put like too 2 1ds and you put 1 10s. And you can put 5 1ds and 6 10s
And then you plus it together and it makes 7 1ds and 7 10s...


We where doing art with room 6. And we made it into a book. So sometimes we can look at it for inspiration. I looked at it when I was doing my imagination castel... Hope you enjoy looking.