Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Math with Rosie

W.A.L.T: we are learning to understand the meaning of faces and vertices corners parallel sides.

Description: in learning with Rosie we made a cube like dice we had to use match sticks 
and clay. We learned how to make 3d cubes and faces vertex, vertices, corners, edges, parallel, sides top and bottom front and back. 

What I think: I think that I did really well, but I need to work on my description, having more detail.
Feedback: you did fantastic😘😃 because your picture is the best 

Feedforward: you need to work on your description so its more detail. Hayley

Thursday, 18 August 2016

All finished Olympic tasks

W.A.L.T: finish all the tasks

Description: we had to read some things off of websites and then put it on a slide and on some of them I had to make things like the Olympic flag and my own mascot

Feedback: you did great because your slide is the best out of the blog post

Feedforward: you need to put your evolution on your blog post

What I think: I think that I did a good job but I need to work on my description

Task five

W.A.L.T: find out about Vinicius and Tom

On task five we have to find out information about Vinicius and Tom and then we have to make a mascot and I mixed Vinicius and Tom and wirte down some information about your mascot and then we have to play games on the website and watch videos.

What I think: I think my pictures should be more clear 


Feed forward: 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Chatch me if you can

W.A.L.T: get the assment on your blog
In chatch me if you can we are working on intercepting 
Two people have to throw the ball and someone have to interception.
Interception means you have to be behind someone and then you go in front of them and catch the ball.

What I think: I think that it went well in catch me if you can

Feedback: I like your photo.

Feedforward: next time you could have a better photo. Jada 

CMIYC - Assessment Term 3 2016
Defensive Skills 
    W.A.L.T Intercept the pass - use the targets to assess your progress!                                   

My weight is on the balls of my feet green target 

My knees are flexed yellow target 

My eyes are on the ball green target 

I am concentrating on the timing of the pass yellow target 

 I can push off towards the ball to attack the pass   Yellow target 

I can tip the ball

can intercept the ball and catch it with two hands

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Discovery time

W.A.L.T: find out new things 

Description: in discovery we had to discover some things some that you play with and some 
That you find out how to use them in discovery I did painting pogo sticks and art and other things

I think that I did really good but I can work on my evaluation 



This is my reflection of discovery 
This is some of my painting 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Task four

W.A.L.T: research things about the olympics 
Description: In reading we are doing the Olympic tasks that are on the board. We are now working on task four and I fished task four second we have to find out what Citius Aitius Fortius mean they mean faster, higher and stronger and then we have to go on the blog and take nine pictures of the nine Olympic pictures on the blog. 

I think I did very  well at my learning 

Feedback: next time you can work on not writing two much words
Feedforward: i think that you did fantastic 

Sunday, 7 August 2016


W.A.L.T: show aroha atu  and aroha mai 
In class we are making movie's that show how you can show aroha atu and aroha mai 
My buddy is Marion  
So here is the movie 
Bye the way I'm the Gray cat😽😸😺
Feedback: I think you did good but you need to work on getting your evolution right
Feedforward: you did Fantastic😃😃😃😃
I think that I did really good
And we made a kei reira 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Discovery time

WIn discovery we are discovering games and making and then we reflected on a sheet and there's four questions and you have to answer all four questions and the questions are what went well and what was challenging today what do I want to do differently next time how did I make other people feel and how did I make myself feel. Here is my sheet
Feedforward: I think that you need to make your picture more clear
Myself: I know that I could work on my post 

Olympic tasks

W.A.L.T: about the Olympic flag 
We are answering the Olympic questions task 1⃣ and task 2⃣  and task 3⃣ 
And then we put it on the blog and its very interesting