Wednesday, 21 September 2016

sports start

W.A.L.T: Make a group routine 
Feedback: I love the moves you have used. Hayley 
Feedforward: I love how you were not fast and where in sync. But you could work on getting slower at the end.
description: We had to get into a group and then we had to make a routine with theses moves in it egg roll, dish roll, and travles. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Math pass port

W.a.l.t: do the pass port 

Description: In class we are doing a pass port with lots of math things. I  picked the sketch house 3D. So this is what it turned out like.

Feedback: you did good because you tryed your best on the house 

Feedforward: you can work on your description and add more information onto it

Sunday, 4 September 2016


W.A.L.T: Reaching things about Bangladesh

Description: In seed to table my group is doing Bangladesh so we made Bangladesh food. Now we have to reaching information about Bangladesh and we had to make a slide of the information. First we made a title page and then the next slide we made was  the introduction slide.The introduction is little bits of information about Bangladesh to make you want to know more information about  Bangladesh. The next slides are information about drinks, food, flag, money, animals and sport's.
And the last slide is good bye.

Feedback: You did fantastic because your slide I amazing 

Feedforward: You need to work on your slide because you got the flag information wrong

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Seed to table

W.A.L.T: cook food from the county we are researching 

Description: in seed to table we made Bangladesh food Nazneen and Paige came to help is cook.
We cooked curry and coconut balls. In Bangladesh the food is spicy and I love spicy food. While doing seed to table we had to take some pictures. On Friday at 10:12 am on Friday the 2 of September we had to make cards for them.