Wednesday, 9 November 2016


W.A.L.T: Market and sell our products and services. :)

Description: We found out that there is going to be a market day. Some class's have to work as a class and some class's make little groups of people. We had to work in little groups so my buddy's are Izzy, Marion, Kate and myself we are making tutti fruity lemonade. That has not been made before. Rosie made these slides for us to use for prep. Every little group gets 20 dollars to spend on ingredients ECT  that you need to make your product. A market is were people give up there time to make things and buy things to make a unique product then they have to organize the day and make a plan of who is there going to make then when they finish then they set up there stall then the costumers comes lets say 3 o clock people start to come and buy things for a low price.

Feedback:I like how much detail you have put in your description

Feedforward:next time make sure you proof read. Kate :)

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