Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sport start

W.A.L.T: field strike 
So someone stands in a how la hop and they have the ball so they throw the ball and the other team hits it with a bat then they have to run to the other side and if they stay there the team gets one point
but if they go back they get two points.
Feedback:you need to work on wirting
Feedforward:you did fantastic 
I think that I did good

Monday, 20 June 2016

measuring biggest area in math

W.A.L.T: Find out the perimeter of an object
the area inside space of an object (shape)! feedback: i think that you need more info
feedforward: i think that you did great i think you get a green target

i think that i did great

answering my questions

We made some questions about a planet that I want to know more about.
W.a.l.t: learn more information about space
Feedback:I think that you need to work on getting more info                                                   Feedforward:I think you did great I think that you did great .           Here is my assessment